Tropical Storm Andrea Messed Up My Planting Schedule

Our poor little vegetable garden never had a chance to dry out this spring. It would get to the point it was almost dry enough for me to get in there and turn it over but then it would rain just enough to turn it into mud again.

Jenny took Friday off as the weather girls were talking about tropical storm Andrea hitting us by late Friday night or early Saturday and we wanted to get some veggie plant done before it’s too wet again.

Got Our Vegetable Garden Planting Started
We like to walk to a little restaurant just up Mountain road for our Saturday morning breakfast so we went Friday morning instead because it was supposed to be heavy rains and winds by Saturday morning. We were back home to start working in the yard before 8 am.

I started in the veggie garden first thing. Using my garden fork I was able to turn the top 8 inches of soil fairly easy but it was wet and heavy so I couldn’t work long before I needed to take a break but I had it started.

I had to walk softly so that I didn’t sink into the garden so what I did was turn the first row and then raked it level. Using my round mouth shovel I dug the holes I was going to plant my tomatoes in and put it in a big bucket where I mixed in some fertilizer and crushed eggs shells.

I mixed it well and used it while I was planting each tomato plant. Even though it was hard going it was pretty easy to dig up compared to previous years. But by the end of each row, I had to take a break and a picture of my progress.

I got three rows turned and planted with a few varieties of tomatoes but that was it for me. I was worn right out and a bit depressed because I knew that the rain would start soon and I wouldn’t get anything else done until next week.

Our Vegetable Garden Saturday Morning
I didn’t sleep much Friday night hoping I would wake up to find the rain had not started yet or that Andrea moved out into the Atlantic and was no longer a threat. I think it was just before 5 am when I got up and looked out the window. It was raining hard already and I knew I wasn’t going to get my garden planting finished this weekend.

Instantly bummed out I just pulled the curtains and went back to bed again. My vegetable garden was filled with water and just kept getting deeper as the day rained on and on.

It’s Monday morning, April 10, which is our usual last frost date. By this morning the water had drained from our veggie garden but it will take a couple more days of sunny dry weather before I’ll be able to get back in there and finish what I started.

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