Latest Landscaping, Garden Design and Planting Trends this Summer

Whether your completely new to landscaping or a professional in the field, it is often great to know some of the latest trends coming out each year. Understanding the elements of landscaping will help you to understand this, with shape and colour being the most important elements of landscaping it seems as we head into the summer of 2014.

Networks of landscapers will often take pride in what they do and share photos around the web of their work as with renown UK landscapers at Simple Landscaping, especially when it comes to garden design, recently we have seen a huge increase in some of the new lawn techniques.


One of these consists of native plants being laid out to replace lawns, giving a really wild and chaotic but at the same time natural appearance. Garden design trends fizzling out include water hog lawns and basic planting with limited colour. With replacing the lawn with a variety of wild looking plants, landscapers then can use paving to make walkways around the garden as the disadvantages comes with having a walking area.

If you are going to put time and energy into your landscape this summer than it’s worth establishing the goals of your garden before spending any money. Look to see if your outdoor area would benefit from a wild look or more of a paving and sitting area for friends and family in the summer.

Sitting areas

Cobble tech paving is becoming increasingly popular in modern landscaping. It offers a simple and affordable way of paving your sitting area in a modern look. Professional pavers can advise on these materials, they will often tell you about their durability and long-lasting finish. Identify the area in which you will sit. If you have a smaller area, you will be at a disadvantage since it is difficult to find a good vocal point. Especially, when you are having a small baby in your house, refer for any tips to parenting alarm.


Often this problem can be tackled with a good range of garden art, made famous by many landscapers last year. Sometimes simplicity can be the key in getting the best sitting area with your landscape, you will also want to bare in mind the space to accommodate enough guests and this does not want to be taken up by planting and other features.

Beautiful Garden

Planting many plants such as shrubs and perennials might help with your aestics within your back garden. These should be considered as a visual aspect to make you feel better and to stun visitors with their beauty, this will restrict your sitting area but give you something to focus on during the summers months.


Climbers on old walls are a great vocal point along with a greenhouse to showcase other plants. Mixing green based plants such as herbs with purple plants will provide a great contrast in this area.

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