We Roasted Our First Home Grown Winter Squash

I can’t say that enjoy the heat we get in our New Brunswick summer but still, I don’t like to see it go. However I do love it when our vegetable garden matures and we can harvest, plus I can never get enough of the autumn colors.

We have been vegetable gardening since 2009 but 2012 wins out as our best gardening year to this point.

The only thing that held our little veggie garden back is that trees on the east property fence. They keep the sun off our vegetable garden until after 10 am. So without those trees, I am sure we can do a whole lot better.

I think with more direct sunlight we would have seen our peppers change color at least a month earlier. Some we had to bring in the house to avoid frost. They changed color indoors but would have looked so cool ripening on the plant.

This was our first year growing Blue Hubbard Squash, so we were eager to see how they would do and how they would taste. We cut them free of their vines and left them in the garden for a week or two to allow their skin to get tougher so they would last longer in our basement.

I had to give winter squash a try so we kept the smaller one for supper a few days ago and it’s the best squash I’ve ever eaten. Blue Hubbard squash has a very nice taste and texture, well worth the effort it took to chop it up.

Next spring I will create a raised be just for winter squash and give them plenty of room to grow, away from the main garden so they will have plenty of room to sprawl across the yard.

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I don’t care much for winter other than looking at it from indoors. Just can’t take the cold unless I’m so bundled up I can’t move. So instead of trekking outdoors too much I would rather get more books on vegetable gardening and learn how to have a better harvest.

For me that means more time searching the Clickbank marketplace looking for gardening ebooks I can read onmy laptop.

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